Poèmes d’élèves de 1ère3 de Mme Tourneau

mardi 18 octobre 2011
par  TOURNEAU Lucie

A recipe poem by Justine and Léa :

Take some people you like
Friends, family and relatives,
Then choose a good place to be together

Remove all the bad mood
Add some elements
Like beach, sea, sun, swimsuit
Combine with an iced drink
And add some ice cream.

Blend the ingredients and let them settle
Add some parties
Serve with good memories
and enjoy !

How to make a great high school, by Alexandra and Axelle :

For thousands of students, serves with some hot culture

To make great high schools
Mix some teachers, quite cool
Add a funny principal
And allow time to let him become rock’n roll

Then take a blend of different cultures
Watch while you let it simmer
And add some kindness for the future.

Even if the cafeteria isn’t always delicious
and the food a little mysterious
You can always have some fun
With your friends so do not run.

Let it all settle,
Combine a good atmosphere with some authority
And then stir vigorously.

To grow friendship, by Audrey and Nesrine :

To grow a beautiful friendship,
Take people of all origins
Mix your friends
Pour Spanish, Somalians, Arabians
Stir again and again
To simmer with boys and girls
Concoct a good evening
Where all your friends are on the menu
And add some cheerfulness
Overrun with confidence
Sprinkle with first-rate memories
Serve with good feeling.

Valentine’s cake, by Méganne, Anastasia and Nina :

List of ingredients :
Take a base of love
Add 100g of complicity
Mix that with 75g of communication
Incorporate 150g of faithfulness
Add on 80g of attention
Incorporate a little dash of trust.
Drop 50g of attraction
Pour some comprehension to the mixture.
Stir with insistence
Finally drop pieces of friendship
Heat that 40 minutes in the oven
Spread the cake with an icing of happiness
Let it settle to really appreciate the cake
Now you can enjoy your Valentine’s cake.

Note : Some ingredients are less important than some others. But treating one ingredient without importance will make a cake with a different taste that you will dislike.
Warning : don’t add any lies, not even a pinch ! You should avoid a too long distance.

A recipe for the high school, by Marion and Kamel :

Take different sorts of pupils
Add good teachers
Pour a cool schedule
Mix a long lasting memory
And put it in a class.

Then, take a blend of good level
Binding that with French language
Combine with understanding prefects
And leave it settle for three years.

Slice in different major subjetcs
Serve with good marks
To get your final exam.


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mardi 1er novembre 2011 à 12h53 - par  M. Bréguier

Great job, very creative... and it’s posted on the Internet too ! This is as TICE as it gets ;) Congrats to the poets


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