Présentation de la Section Européenne Mathématiques-Anglais

lundi 4 janvier 2016

Students work two hours per week on maths in English.

During the three years, a lot of sequences are studied in the European section. They include various notions taken from the 2nde, 1re S and Tle S maths lessons. The aim is not to give the student a global and perfect lesson on each subject : it is only a class working basis.

Since students have an oral exam at the end of the three years, they often work on videos. More than nine films are studied (themes, scripts, making of, mathematical points…)

Students learn vocabulary, different ways of writing in English maths, various and rich mathematical notions. Exercises are proposed in every chapter. The cultural aspect is as important as the mathematical one. Students work on famous mathematicians : Euler, Pascal, Mandelbrot, Newton, Einstein, Fermat, etc.

Here are a few lessons :

Work on Oblivion (PDF - 895.3 ko)
Work on Oblivion

· 2nde : Summary on algebra rules

· 2nde : Probability and work on A Beautiful Mind (2001)

· 2nde : Geometry and work on Oblivion (2013)

· 2nde : Functions and work on A Brilliant young man (2014)


· 1re : Summary on previous lessons


· 1re : Vectors, centre of mass and work on Gravity (2013)

· 1re : Prime numbers and work on The Theory of Everything (2015)

· 1re : Sequences and work on The Oxford Murders (2008)

· Tle : summary on previous lessons, derivatives and antiderivatives


· Tle : Complex numbers and work on Dimensions (2009)

· Tle : Ciphers and work on The Imitation Game (2015)

· Tle : Further on probabilities and work on Good Will Hunting (1997)

To attend this section, students must have a good level in maths and in English.

Link here (PDF - 457.8 ko)
Link here



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